Digital Marketing Gives Grad School a Boost

Chicago - May 10, 2017 - Contrary to the decline in the number of law school applicants across the country, the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is experiencing tremendous growth. ASU Law applications have risen over 30 percent in the past two years and are up by more than 10 percent this cycle, while the number of law school applicants are down 0.6 percent nationally.

One of the reasons for ASU Law's success is its work with MF Digital Marketing. MF Digital leverages data and applies behavioral economics, exclusively for graduate schools, to attract prospective students.

"We leverage our technologies to measure and score prospective students' behavior at the individual level. Over time, we know what they value, and it's at this point we can align the institution's strengths with what is important to each student," said Mike Fogarty, managing director and founder of MF Digital. "This is how we personalize the admission process. This personalization generates stronger leads, and admission professionals are empowered with real, actionable data on every candidate."

By creating, capturing and nurturing demand through comprehensive digital marketing, MF Digital has been able to take what ASU Law is doing, leverage what's working, fill the gaps where they exist, and collaborate with the marketing and admission staffs to help reach and exceed enrollment goals.

"ASU Law was already an amazing school when I joined two years ago. But we needed to be more intentional in our marketing efforts, reach a broader audience, and contextualize the ASU Law experience in a way that connected to students' passions," said Melissa Harris Thirsk, executive director of marketing and communications at ASU Law. "MF Digital provides us with the tools to identify what's important to our prospective students and provide them with information they uniquely care about.

"Attracting prospective students has never been easy, and it's becoming increasingly difficult. Despite these difficulties, the first thing schools need to realize is that they don't need to be all things to all people. They need to focus on students who are really engaged and demonstrate the ability to perform well in school, on the bar exam in this case, and get a job. ASU saw the law school market changing and took a new approach to recruiting students," said Fogarty.

"I really credit our dean, Doug Sylvester, and other ASU leaders for investing and innovating at a time when other law schools were cutting costs. It's exciting to lead marketing efforts for an organization that cares deeply about the student experience and proactively seeks ways to improve. Our role as marketers goes beyond creating value; we help people see possibilities," said Harris Thirsk. "MF Digital has been an invaluable partner on this journey."

About MF Digital

MF Digital specializes in digital marketing and lead generation for higher education institutions, with an emphasis on graduate programming. Our agency brings 80 combined years of experience to the table, and an impressive track record of producing compelling, customized marketing campaigns that engage prospects and convert them into enrolled students. Please visit for more information.


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