The Higher Education Market is Changing

Is your institution changing with it?

More applications, more enrollments, same top-quality of students. The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is successfully reaching those goals.

How is the No. 25-ranked Law School successfully overcoming the challenges facing many other law schools across the nation? By providing prospective students with a highly personalized touch as they navigate their way through the law school application process – a personalized touch made possible through MF Digital.

We get proven results.

While law school applications rose by less than 1 percent nationally this year, ASU Law experienced a more than 30 percent increase in applications for its Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), and Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree programs, resulting in one of the school's largest incoming classes ever – all the while maintaining the top quality of its students.

We are the demand experts in Graduate Education.

Recognizing that the changing law school market required a new approach to recruiting students, ASU Law's dean reached out to MF Digital for its expertise in creating, capturing and converting demand through comprehensive digital marketing.

MF Digital focuses solely on the recruitment and enrollment needs of law schools and graduate business programs, allowing us to provide you with expert advice and solutions. We leverage the data so we can find the right frequency, tone, messaging -- and most importantly -- the right response to any given action by a prospective student.

Graduate Education demand experts? What's that mean? Glad you asked.

Working with ASU Law's marketing and admissions teams, MF Digital launched a paid digital campaign to Create Demand. MF Digital:

Once demand was created, MF Digital began its Capture Demand process. MF Digital:

With the campaign now actively engaging prospective students, it was time to Capture Demand. MF Digital:

It's all about outcomes.

"ASU Law has much to offer the prospective law student, but getting that message through all the noise about the value of a law degree or there being too many law schools is a difficult task," said ASU Law Dean Douglas J. Sylvester. "MF Digital – working with our admissions and marketing teams – didn't just provide us with the tools to get our message out, it also gave us the ability to find prospective students and react to their needs so we could nurture them into our classrooms."