Customized Marketing

MF Digital Marketing knows how to reach your prospects. We’ve been doing it every day since we started in 2013. By specializing in graduate programs in law and business, we have been able to hone in on what works specifically in these areas and combine that knowledge with the latest technology in customized digital marketing. As a result, our clients benefit from customized marketing that addresses the specific challenges they are looking to solve. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients and make sure that each campaign gets results that exceed expectations. 

customized digital marketing

Customized for Your Program

MF Digital has focused on just one medium — digital marketing — in just one area — graduate admissions. This focus has helped us become the authority on how to find the right prospects right now right where they are for business and law graduate programs around the country.

No two programs are alike. Our personalized marketing formula authentically engages your prospects with customized content. We deliver messages that address their needs and interests through email, PURL campaigns, online ads, and remarketing. 

We don’t do it through cookie-cutter approaches or templatized efforts either. We figure out what will work for you and customize the lifecycle marketing campaign that’s the right size and the right approach for your program’s challenges and opportunities.

How we do Demand Generation

With good data and even better analysis — which we can also help you with — we can craft a comprehensive, custom lifecycle marketing campaign that can include virtual events marketing, SEO, drip email campaigns, paid search, and everything in between. And we can do it in a way that fits your budget. Our team knows how to put the right content in front of the right people. We can deliver the results your program needs.

Your budget may be limited, but with a small investment in our services, we can increase your enrollment faster than you ever thought possible. That means you and your team can be free to focus on your current and future students.


customized digital marketing

Demand Nurture

Prospects are “nudged” slowly down the path from interest to investment with emails encouraging them to visit a landing page created just for them. There they can learn more about the degree program and their potential career. Through personalized, relevant messaging, we engage with your prospects regularly, all while working toward the ultimate goal of matriculation.

We utilize proven methods to deliver immediate and long-term results. Since MF Digital Marketing began in 2013, we have seen double-digit increases in applications for all schools. That’s nine years of success!



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