Digital Marketing Plays Key Role in Winning President’s Innovation Award at Arizona State University

by | May 1, 2018

Chicago’s MF Digital Marketing Helps ASU Law Dramatically Expand Enrollment

CHICAGO, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MF Digital Marketing, a Chicago marketing firm, played an instrumental role in the success of the “rapid launch master’s program” which expanded graduate enrollment at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. The New Education Initiatives team was recognized with the school’s 2018 President’s Award for Innovation for the program.

The team is credited with dramatically expanding enrollment in the school’s Master of Legal Studies program. Headcount increased by 277 students over five years, a growth rate of nearly 600 percent, according to the school. In addition, feedback from students led the school to increase its course offerings in 15 new legal focus areas.

“MF Digital was crucial to our digital marketing strategies and leading the efforts to implement the agreed upon areas, as well as decisions on development of new courses,” said Eric Menkhus, associate dean and clinical professor of New Education Initiatives at ASU Law. “MF Digital was pivotal in identifying, reaching and recruiting qualified students.”

The New Education Initiatives team was created to more fully address the community’s legal education needs, with the team focusing primarily on learners that want to gain legal knowledge but not practice law. ASU Law recognized the need for legally trained professionals in today’s complex legal and business environment and has been on the forefront of this trend in legal education.

MF Digital’s strategy turns traditional law school outreach to prospective students on its head.

The traditional approach is to send out a blast email to students who took the LSAT for law school admission and see who responds.

Instead of the shotgun approach, MF Digital worked with ASU Law to develop a personalized experience to students based on their legal interests and other data to highlight the school’s strengths and what the school offers in those areas. 

“Our end goal is to deliver customized messages – which are unique to each individual prospective student – in order to position the master’s degree as relevant and authentic. Then we use predictive modeling to score and rank prospects to enable admissions to engage with the students who are the best fit for the program and most likely to apply,” said Mike Fogarty, CEO of MF Digital. “We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the ASU Law marketing team led by Melissa Harris Thirsk, and honored to be recognized for the role we played in driving these outcomes.”

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