Meaningful Data that Drives Results


Meaningful Data that Drives Results

We’ve honed our winning formula through years of experience with a broad range of clients, but no two programs are alike. That’s why MF Digital Marketing now offers research services designed to give your team the actionable feedback you need to further refine your digital marketing efforts. Our offerings are modular, meaning you can engage with our research staff in the ways that are most useful to helping you meet your goals.

Customize Your Research Solution

    • Online surveys. A cost-effective way to gather quantitative data quickly and across many respondents.

    • Focus groups. Collect detailed qualitative information from a small group or multiple groups of select constituents.

    • One-on-one interviews. A semi-structured interview approach that’s proven to generate meaningful insights into participant motivations and actions.

    • Detailed data analysis. A thorough reporting of results, which includes data visualizations and easy-to-digest summaries of the information that will mean the most to leadership teams and key decision-makers.

Our objective is that through these feedback opportunities, individuals will feel valued by your program, further strengthening their loyalty to the institution and driving future alumni involvement.



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