Retail Tactics in Admissions – Join in or Fight it?

by | Feb 25, 2021

Graduate admissions has always been an art. Persuading busy working professionals and aspiring students to invest their time and money is a craft. It requires keen listening skills and the ability to instantly connect with prospects to help them decide if a program will elevate them to the next level professionally.

With university revenues are down, budgets slashed and staff suffering in turn, it is hard to see a clear path forward. Admissions teams are forced to think creatively. Many are becoming more strategic, turning to digital marketing and applying aggressive tactics to win over prospective graduate students.

Undergrad admissions generally abided by a set of guidelines designed to protect students, but that’s in the past. Now admissions teams who wish to continue to increase enrollment are employing retail-style digital marketing campaigns with virtual meetings, dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads. Some are even going so far as to utilize limited time offers and discounts to convert prospective students into commitment.

Whether you agree with this style of markdown maneuvering or find it gauche, there is one thing you will need in your arsenal to either join it or combat it – a marketing plan that is fully onboard with digital. The flexibility and adaptability of digital marketing allows you to target prospects where they are right now, glean insights from immediate, hard data allowing you to react and respond as needed.

If you need assistance getting a digital marketing campaign off the ground or just want to learn what it’s all about, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to talk through the basics of digital marketing strategy for graduate school admissions.






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