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MF Digital Marketing gets results for partners like Wayne State University.

Wayne Law saw a 19.6% increase in applications during the period the OTT program was active.


Here’s how.


Wayne State Law partnered with MF Digital to increase the number of JD applications received by layering an innovative streaming content strategy to the school’s existing marketing efforts.


Over-the-Top – or OTT – streaming content ensures hyper-targeted delivery to meaningful MBA, EMBA, and law school prospects. OTT works by bypassing traditional advertising tied to network and cable programming to reach your key audiences via streaming services offered through multiple platforms. Whether they pay for a Netflix subscription or just watch free YouTube programming, the prospects you want most will be delivered content tailored just for them.

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With nearly 75% of Millennials consuming most of their content via streaming platforms, OTT is a cost-effective means of advertising that can unlock new prospect pipelines.


Nationally, JD applications were down 4% in 2023 vs 2022. Wayne Law worked with MF Digital to run an OTT campaign for 30 days in the fall, resulting in 110 applications. During that same period in FY22, only 92 applications were received.

That means Wayne Law saw a 19.6% increase in applications during the period the OTT program was active despite a decrease in applications nationally year over year.

Year over year, total applications to the JD program increased to 1,074 in FY2023, an increase of 11% over FY2021, before Wayne Law engaged MF Digital.

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Now more than ever, meeting prospective students where they are means connecting in the digital world. Personalized messaging cuts through the noise, and Over-the-Top streaming content has been shown to deliver results for our law school recruitment efforts.

Nikki Taylor-Vargo

Senior Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management and New Program Development

Going Forward

Wayne Law is running several additional OTT campaigns. They believe in the product and are the only law school currently leveraging this technology to increase their applications.

We know that video advertising can seem intimidating and complex, but the MF Digital Team is here to support you every step of the way. As you plan your prospecting strategy, consider adding OTT to the mix.



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